If you’re moving house or changing your wifi name/password at all you will need to set up the new wifi on your METAR map.

This process is much more simple before you make the switch to the new network.


What you will need:

Windows or Mac PC connected to the same network

Putty installed if using windows (https://www.putty.org/)

The IP address of the Raspberry Pi your map uses. This is usually found on your WIFI routers settings page


Once you have all of these things you will need to connect to your maps raspberry pi by opening up Putty and typing the IP address into the field and pressing enter.


There may be a prompt that pops up. Just click ‘Yes’



When it connects to the raspberry pi it should ask you for a username and password.

Username: pi

Password: raspberry

Once logged in you will need to type 

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

and press ENTER



You will now see a number of network names and passwords

Scroll down with your arrow keys to the name you want to change and type in the new wifi name and then do the same to the password.

You can add a whole new network to the list if you want to as well. I usually just copy and paste an old network and edit the name and password. Your Raspberry Pi will connect to whatever network it sees from your list so it doesn’t matter if you have multiple.


I would always keep the rpi_metar_au network as it is for a backup “just in case” network. It has saved me countless times.



To save the file you will need to press CTRL+O and enter then CTRL+X

The changes will take effect on the next restart which you can do straight away with

sudo reboot



That’s it. Your Map should now have the new wifi network programmed in and ready to go for your move.


If you have any issues you can always ask me to help


I have a backup wifi network programmed into the Raspberry Pi in case you get stuck. Just use your mobile hotspot on your phone as the network

The backup network name is rpi_metar_au and the password is 0431101465